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re: Diethalymine-Hunter

- Name: Diethylamine

- Class: Hunter

- Preferred Spec: 0/17/54-Survival

- Past Guilds. (A list of what guilds they were, and your reason for leaving them): Sammaels Blade on Boulderfist, I left them because I had some friends who were on this realm and also because there was a lot of ninja looting going on that I did not approve of. PURE EVIL-One of the officers (who was one of the few people I really played with in my brief time there) was hacked by a member and had his gold stolen and his toon /gquit, so I left on principle. Twice Baked-I'm currently a member and although the people are cool we are having a lot of turnover problems and not making any progress so I'm searching for a progressing guild. I've done a lot of research and yours is one of 2 guilds that I felt like I'd do well in.

- Pre WotLK Raiding Experience: Full Kara, Mag and Gruul and the first three bosses of ZA. I only started playing about a year ago and my guild kind of fell apart in the months before WotLK so I didn't get much experience at that time.

- WotLK Raiding Experience: Full Naxx, OS, VOA and EoE on heroic. I've gone up to Kologarn on Heroic Ulduar, and we are attempting the General in regular Uld. I have no hard mode experience.

- Raid times are based on server time.
Mon 6:15 - 10:15 (Progression)
Wed 6:15 - 10:15 (Progression)
Thurs 6:15 - 10:15 ("Off Night Naxx")
Sunday 8:15 - We finish (Progression)
Can you make these raid times: Right now, yes, during summer I may have nigth class on Weds, but I should make Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays.

- Armory link: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Ursin&n=Diethylamine

- Any Alts? Class / level: None that I play regularly .

- How did you find out about our guild? I've been dissatisfied with Twice Baked's progression so I've been researching many other guilds I've noticed on the server to try and find one that seems like a good fit. So basically I've seen you around asked a few members questions and checked out your site.

- Who are you and why do you want to join, tell us about yourself irl:
I'm 20 years old and I'm a junior at OSU. I'm a major in psych and soc and no that doesn't mean I can read your mind ha. I'm chill and I play this in my down time because I live in a pretty small town where there is not much to do. That being said should a beautiful day approach outside I will be there hanging with friends and tossing around a frisbee.

I avoid drama like the plague and know when to step back on my points if I see nothing being accomplished. I work two jobs (but they're part time so I still catch my wow quite frequently ) one at my college and one at a bookstore. Other than college, work and wow I pretty much just like to relax and have fun in whatever ways I get myself into.
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