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re: Sensitoke - Warlock (affliction)

- Name: Sensitoke

- Class: Warlock

- Preferred Spec: Affliction 54/0/17

- Past Guilds. (A list of what guilds they were, and your reason for leaving them): All That Remains - left because guild fell apart
The Drama Ward - They are not raiding like I want. They havent done 25 man in over 2 weeks. 10 mans are scarce.

- Pre WotLK Raiding Experience: Kara --> Hyjal

- WotLK Raiding Experience: Naxx 10 --> Ulduar 25 FL, Ignis and Razor
Ulduar 10: 10/14 (stuck on mimiron)

- Raid times are based on server time.
Mon 6:15 - 10:15 (Progression)
Wed 6:15 - 10:15 (Progression)
Thurs 6:15 - 10:15 ("Off Night Naxx")
Sunday 8:15 - We finish (Progression)
Can you make these raid times: YES

- Armory link: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Ursin&n=Sensitoke

if my fishing pole is equiped, my weap and off-hand is:


Unbuffed Stats:

Spell: 2062
Hit: 14% from gear 3% from talents = full cap
Haste: 462
Crit: ~ 15%

- Any Alts? Class / level: Chronicwind - Warr - lvl 65

- How did you find out about our guild? I play the game...

- Who are you and why do you want to join, tell us about yourself irl:

Im located in Texas. I have played WoW for 3 yrs and i have always been on Ursin. I love to raid. I love to down new content. I like the challenge of studying and getting to know new boss fights. I am not looking for a Guild to get gear, I am looking for a guild to PROGRESS with. I am very serious when it is raid time. I come prepared and show up early to raid. When it is not raid time, I am pretty laid back, and easy going. Ganja usually is the reason for that.

Why do I want to join?:
Because I want to down new content, and Progress with a serious raiding guild. I know my class and spec very well. My DPS is very good: example would be my last Patchwerk fight (25 man) about 2 weeks ago I did 5.5K dps. I know not all fights are like patchwerk, in fact very few are, but I can still put up nice numbers regardless of the fight.

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