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re: DKP Loot Rules

The officers have decided to go with a Zero Sum DKP system. Below are the decided rules.

Zero-sum DKP means that DKP is distributed based on the value of items that drop. All members in a zero-sum DKP start with a score of 0. When an item is given to a raid member, they have to pay for it in DKP (going negative if necessary). These DKP spent are immediately distributed among all the raid members. Thus the amount of DKP, i.e. the sum of all members in the system, is always zero. The idea here is that inflation is impossible, since no points enter the system from the outside.

Although "zero-sum" describes only a method of earning DKP, and it would in theory be perfectly possible to combine this income method with bidding for finding the item prices, nearly no raids actually do that. Instead, about every real-live zero sum system uses fixed prices, thus the terms "zero sum" and "zero sum, fixed price" have nearly become synonyms.

In our case we would use this only for 25 man progression raids.

Point Values:
24 dkp for ilvl 226 armor
30 dkp for ilvl 226 rings/necks/trinks
30 dkp for ilvl 232 armor
36 dkp for ilvl 232 weaps
36 dkp for ilvl 232 rings/trinks/necks
42 dkp for ilvl 239 weaps
30 dkp for 6 runed orbs = cost of ilvl 232
Runed Orbs will be offered to top DKP with 70% or better attendance.

Legendary items are outside of this system and will be determined by the officers.

Zaders wins T7 shoulders. Zaders pays 48 points everyone else in the raid acquires 2 points.

As for the additional rules each one seems to have passed via voting or comments.

Rule 1:
Roll with in 5 points. Since no one recommend a value for this I have selected 5 points. This may get adjusted each week as needed.
This rule says that if two players are with in 5 points of each other rather than the top dkp winning automatically the two players must roll for the item.

Rule 2:
Forced Upgrades.
In order to assist in progression we will not allow passing on large upgrades. This will be decided by the officers in the raid.

Rule 3:
Bank and Bonus DKP

Bank DKP
To get an epic item from the bank you must pay x dkp. This dkp that builds up can then be used as bonus for new content.
Bank DKP cannot be tracked by webdkp.com so we will keep a forum post stickied with the current bank DKP.

Bonus DKP
1 point for on time out of group on main (6:15)
1 point for in zone not afk for first pull (6:30 or sooner)
points for progression raid to be assigned by raid leader
-48 points for sign up no show (30 minute grace) a message must me mailed to precio or the raid leader in the calendar more than 1 hour in advance of the raid.

Rule 4:
You don't get loot... i think that is about as explanatory as it needs to be. But for you slow folks out there Members/Raiders/Officers will be getting loot before you no matter what your DKP is at. After your 2 week trial period you will be allowed to spend DKP against other guildies.

Rule 5:
Don't be stupid
If someone is preventing progression by spending their dkp stupidly the officers will take care of this situation by demoting/removing players. The goal of the guild is progression you only need one character to help us progress. If we gear up more than one of your characters that does not increase our ability to progress.

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